Saturday, December 3, 2011

Against All Odds

I am back to blogging! No more hesitation. This season has inspired me to chase. I am working hard on new ideas to make Eclectic Look one of the 'big-timers.' My style is evolving and the wheels are now forever turning in my head. I will post at least once a week and if I am not sticking to that, call me out on it! Readers, I need your support and advice. Please comment or email me about any ideas or suggestions you may have for me. I am constantly looking for inspiration. And I encourage more followers, so spread the word!

Now about the look you see here: I am only an unemployed high school junior and a very frugal buyer as much as it kills me to be. So it's inevitable that I show up to the mall at 4am on Black Friday. One, to catch the 'deals of a lifetime' and also just to experience the madness. This is an outfit I put together from the numerous shopping bags I came home with that morning.

shearling/denim jacket, camel-colored skinnies, knit turban hat from Urban Outfitters
inspirational tank from Pac Sun
photos taken by Anna Sutterer