Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Inspiration circa 1950

From Norman Parkinson's Vogue shoot 1950

Words of wisdom emerged from the pages of Vogue June 2011 where Julia Glass testifies to dressing for oneself. Although she claims she was intimidated at first by models and fashion magazines, an appreciation for personal style has developed in her. Her sudden fondness of style was inspired by a 1950 Norman Parkinson shoot for Vogue featuring a photo of an elegantly dressed Jean Patchett. Glass was inspired by the aloofness in the model's pose. She noticed that unlike most of the fashion models she had seen in magazines, this one did not seem to be about seducing a man with her beautiful face and gorgeous ensemble or selling a product to the public eye. The photo seemed to be more introverted. The model was delighted in the way she dressed herself.

And to this, readers, I have to say: Don't be intimidated by fashion. Don't think you have to wear a certain thing or look a certain way to win attention from the man of your dreams or your peers. Dress the way you want to dress. Fashion is art, creativity, and most importantly, self expression. Take pride in your clothes. Dress for yourself and your confidence will not go unacknowledged!