Thursday, March 31, 2011


I consider the halls of my high school my own personal runway. School is where I tell my life story to everyone who passes and gives me the "once-over." Whether they smile and compliment or distort their facial features in disgust to express their opinion of my ensemble, I'm never afraid to experiment with fashion. I woke up this morning thinking it might be that one day out of the entire year that I'll voluntarily throw on that t shirt I got after finishing a 5k run, or slip on those shoes that my whole generation swears by: UGGS. But strange things were afoot (at the circle- K ;] to those of you familiar with Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, good stupid humor movie :] ). In my obnoxiously bright yellow painted room this morning, at 5am with coffee in hand, I stared at my closet hopelessly until I happened upon a few staples: black pencil skirt, sheer tights, and a white t shirt. Suddenly my brain kicked in as if I hadn't just woken up at the crack of dawn. I had the basic outfit, now all I needed was the accessories to make it unique. So I threw on my tan socks, tribal print vest, and of course...the glasses were the highlight of the day. As if I didn't look like a nerd already, as usual I walked from class to class annotating my current issues of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. My clothes revealed another side of my personality, and once again fashion proved its significance.