Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Power of Vintage


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While running errands with my mom yesterday, we happened upon a few thrift stores and decided to check them out. Of course most of the time it’s hit or miss with these sort of stores because heck, the items there are things that people don’t want anymore. But after sifting through many racks of tacky shirts with stains and miss-match accessories, I found some pieces with definite potential. When you walk into one of your favorite stores in the mall, you can pretty much guarantee that most items in there are trendy and usable. But the difference with thrifting is that it stimulates the fashion mind. It teaches you to look at an individual piece and not only see it for what it is by its self but what it could be with the right outfit. And thats exactly what stylist’s do…they think about the big picture and how to showcase a piece.